A better way to connect brands and audiences.

Media is about reaching consumers in ways that makes sense. Financially and emotionally. And stretching your budget further than you ever imagined anyone could. We go beyond exposure. We make sure your audience is engaged. And we test, measure, and optimize your campaign, so you can get the best return on investment.

More exposure. More engagement. More results.

Whether you’re running a TV spot or a billboard, native display or paid social, the secret to maximizing your media spend isn’t buying cheaper placements. It’s understanding your audience and the most effective and efficient way to reach them. It’s about getting more. More exposure. More engagement. More results. Every market is unique, and one-size-fits-all strategies are not effective.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to media planning and buying.

We start with the latest audience research to understand your customers inside and out. We know what media they’re consuming, what they’re watching, where they’re surfing and when they’re tuned in. From there, we deploy the industry’s best competitive tools to learn what other advertisers are spending. Then we negotiate at a cost that beats the market by an average of 15 percent.

Data-driven insights guide our processes and create efficiencies.

It’s not how we capture the data; it’s how we use it. Our in-house experts analyze and translate the data into actionable recommendations to improve your ROI.
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Walz Tetrick is a media powerhouse. Passionate experts. State-of-the-art research tools and analytics. Quality placement at the most efficient cost. Comprehensive reporting and insights. We’re one of the region's top media agencies, and a three-time winner of Media Mix’s Agency of the Year.   


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Featured Work


  • Natasha Cottrell

    Media Supervisor
    In an advertising landscape where ROI continues to be the ultimate goal, effective media planning turns great creative into powerful creative.
  • Blair Overesch

    Director of Media Services
    Broadcast television is changing and adapting, not dying or going away. Total viewing hours are up but are more segmented. Content is key. It’s vital in today’s media landscape to have an agency who knows how to most out of this broad-reach platform.
  • Dawn Thibodeau

    Media Account Director
    Relationships are key to both client and agency success. Whether that be with our clients serving as an extension of their team, or with our media partners building strategic media buys. Integrity and fairness are fundamental to both.