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Digital marketing isn’t slowing down, and we aren’t either.

The Fanatical Evolutionaries at Walz Tetrick live and breathe digital marketing, evolving as it evolves. We recognize that no two problems look the same. Which is why we’re dedicated to creating unique marketing solutions for our clients. 

Consumers want information immediately, no matter when or where that may be. Our goal is to help them get it without friction or delay, across all devices and channels. When your brand is visible and responsive, you’re providing value and creating a connection. In an increasingly digital world, where consumers are flooded with messages from every direction, that’s how you get results.

Your audience is online. We’ll connect you, in meaningful ways.

As experts, we help our clients navigate the digital development lifecycle, from discovery and strategic planning through campaign deployment and measurement.

Using a variety of tactics like search, content marketing, programmatic, paid and organic social and websites, we are deliberate in reaching your target audience exactly where they are. That can be physical (using geofencing and location data) or more about where they are in the decision-making process (awareness, interest, fact-finding, comparison, pricing, etc.).

That’s not the last step. Measurement, analysis and optimization is of utmost importance to us. We consistently collect and analyze performance data to test and refine digital tactics to increase relevance and performance. We do all of this because achieving your business goals is our top priority.



Email marketing



Social Media
(Organic and Paid)

Content strategy and management

Website development




Audience targeting


what our team says

We strive to be an extension of our clients’ internal marketing teams. We do our best work when we have an intimate understanding of what success means inside their organization and the operational challenges they may face to get there.

Katie Knox
Account Director

We pay attention to the details. It’s the difference between good and great. And we always measure the success of what we’re doing.

Brenda Bachofer
Director of Client Services

In today’s complex media landscape, the three-tiered approach that breaks through the clutter is strategic planning, impactful buying and insightful evaluation.

Sarah Malone
Managing Director