Digital marketing isn’t slowing down, and we aren’t either.

As we strive to build emotional, enduring connections between brands and the customers they serve, the digital evolutionaries at Walz Tetrick keep our fingers on the pulse of change. Our ability to adapt quickly and transition to new opportunities is vital as we provide solutions that create genuine value and enhance the lives of consumers.

Your audience is online. We’ll connect you, in meaningful ways.

People consume content in many different ways over a period of time. It’s important to recognize that each touchpoint doesn’t stand on its own, but is one drop in a stream of experiences that define each customer’s relationship with the brands they treasure. So rather than relying on one or two digital tactics, we seek to solidify the connection between brand and consumer through a diverse array of highly choreographed online channel activations. 
Using a variety of tactics like search, social, content marketing and website development, we can reach the target audience exactly where they are. That can be physical (using geofencing and location data) or more about where they are in the decision-making process (awareness, interest, fact-finding, comparison, pricing, etc.).

How do you know you’re getting results? We’ll show you.

The digital environment gives us limitless ways to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and your budget. Through relentless data analysis, optimizations, testing and modeling, we can refine our tactics to improve performance, ultimately creating a roadmap to what’s next for our clients and the adoring fans who support them.
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Social media (organic and paid)
Social media monitoring
Website development
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  • Holly Andruk

    Manager, Digital Media Services OGM
    Our industry is in a disruptive phase right now. When consumers change their behaviors, we must change with them. If we don’t, then we are not providing competitive differentiation for our clients.
  • Katie Knox

    Group Account Director
    We strive to be an extension of our clients’ internal marketing teams. We do our best work when we have an intimate understanding of what success means inside their organization and the operational challenges they may face to get there.
  • Brenda Bachofer

    Director of Brand Leadership
    We pay attention to the details. It’s the difference between good and great. And we always measure the success of what we’re doing.