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Visionary strategy. Fearless execution.

The key to successful marketing is sound, research-based strategy that leads to compelling execution across a broad continuum of integrated tactics. At Walz Tetrick, this process doesn’t take place in marketing, creative and media silos. Instead, it’s a highly collaborative group effort. For us, success is when our teams work together seamlessly, outperforming and over-delivering on your marketing objectives, and driving your business to its fullest potential.

Successful marketing starts with a strategic blueprint. Consumer research drives this plan and defines success. 

Our unique media planning and buying approach provides maximum efficiency. Our experience delivers unrivaled ROI.


Search, social, mobile or video, we make your brand relevant by being where your customers are when they’re ready to engage.


Our captivating creative changes perceptions, inspires action and helps your marketing cultivate long-term relationships with your customers.

what our team says

Anyone can tell you what you should do with your brand and promotions. We believe in leading, partnering and walking with you step-by-step as you leverage opportunities and overcome obstacles.

Debbie Harris
Group Account Director

It’s important to me that every strategy is about reaching our clients’ goals. They don’t just get ideas. They get tested, measurable solutions.

Charlie Tetrick
President and CEO

We strive to ensure our clients’ marketing dollars are utilized to meet achievable and measurable goals.

Eric Lykins

We learn our clients’ business and do whatever it takes to help them succeed. It’s a team mentality, with everyone contributing based on their expertise, knowledge and passion.

Jason Selby
Account Director

For a brand to be a tangible presence in a person’s life is powerful. Effective marketing creates an emotional connection between the consumer and brand at every touch point.

Jeff Chase
Creative Director

It’s hard to get noticed in today’s noisy landscape. Finding a firm that specializes in brand evolution is critical for success.

Katy Jennings
Director of Business Strategy

We help our clients seek that life-changing sentiment and determine their best and most efficient channels, so they can flourish.

Shannon Bassett
Account Director

Seeing our teams — left brains, right brains and everything in between — come together to solve for client objectives is exhilarating. The talent we have is impressive.

Shawna Brandli
Director of Agency Operations

In an advertising landscape where ROI continues to be the ultimate goal, effective media planning turns great creative into powerful creative.

Blair Overesch
Director of Media Services

Effective advertising entertains and creates a relationship. One of the most powerful tools to achieve that is video shared on every device we own. Knowing how our audience lives helps us tell powerful stories.

Bob Hess
Video Content Producer

Relationships are key to both client and agency success. Whether that be with our clients, serving as an extension of their team, or with our media partners, building strategic media buys. Integrity and fairness are fundamental to both.

Dawn Thibodeau
Media Account Director

We strive to be an extension of our clients’ internal marketing teams. We do our best work when we have an intimate understanding of what success means inside their organization and the operational challenges they may face to get there.

Katie Knox
Account Director

The partnership between strategy, art direction and copywriting is everything. Clever headlines and beautiful pictures don’t get you anywhere if they don’t accomplish your clients’ goals.

Kelli Oestreich
Associate Creative Director

We pay attention to the details. It’s the difference between good and great. And we always measure the success of what we’re doing.

Brenda Bachofer
Director of Client Services

In today’s complex media landscape, the three-tiered approach that breaks through the clutter is strategic planning, impactful buying and insightful evaluation.

Sarah Malone
Managing Director