Every team is focused on one thing: Your goals.

The key to successful marketing is sound, research-based strategy that leads to compelling execution across a broad continuum of integrated tactics. At Walz Tetrick, this process doesn’t take place in marketing, creative and media silos. Instead, it’s a highly collaborative group effort. For us, success is when our teams work together seamlessly, outperforming and over-delivering on your marketing objectives, and driving your business to its fullest potential.

Featured Work


  • Katy Jennings

    Director of Business Strategy
    It’s hard to get noticed in today’s noisy landscape. Finding a firm that specializes in brand evolution is critical for success.
  • Shannon Bassett

    Group Account Director 
    We help our clients seek that life-changing sentiment and determine their best and most efficient channels, so they can flourish.
  • Shawna Brandli

    Chief Operating Officer
    Seeing our teams — left brains, right brains and everything in between — come together to solve for client objectives is exhilarating. The talent we have is impressive.