Why do we need a privacy policy?

First of all, thanks for visiting the internet home of Walz Tetrick Advertising. The fact that you clicked our privacy policy link shows how much you really care. We’re putting this policy in place to let you know how much we care about protecting your privacy during your visit, and after you move on to a less interesting place on the web.

What does this privacy policy cover?

Good question! This policy covers the collection, use and sharing of the information we collect about you when you visit, which we’ll refer to as “Our Site” from here on out.

What personal information are we collecting?

Don’t worry, we’re not using your device’s camera to scan your retina or perform facial recognition hijinks. We don’t even know how to do that. And if we did, we don’t have time for that kind of thing.

When you visit Our Site, we automatically collect certain information about your device, like your web browser, IP address, time zone and some of the cookies that are installed on your device. And while you're exploring Our Site, we find it educational to know where you go. So, we gather information about which pages you view, what websites or search terms brought you to Our Site, and other similar information about how you interact with Our Site. People who write privacy policies for a living call this kind of data “Device Information.”

We also collect personally identifiable information, which some people call PII. That includes your name, company name, company URL and email address. But we only get that when you submit an inquiry in Contact Us or apply for an open position on our Careers page. So, there’s nothing nefarious about that.

How do we use the information?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and make our visitors feel like they’re getting exactly what they need from Our Site. So, we gather and analyze information to improve Our Site, add more of what you like, and remove the stuff you’re not interested in. We also want to make you aware of new services as we add them.

With that in mind, we may run digital ad campaigns promoting Walz Tetrick Advertising. In doing so, we may use your device information to serve ads on other sites you may visit. Look for ad on a website near you!

How do we get the information?

If you remember a few paragraphs earlier, we mentioned that you give us your PII when you submit an inquiry or apply for a coveted position at the home of our Fanatical Evolutionaries.

But we also mentioned Device Information. We’re going to collect that in a number of ways, including cookies, which are data files sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device. Cookies enable your device to remember Our Site, so pages can load faster when you return. Cookies allow us to monitor web traffic patterns to make our site better, more relevant and user friendly. Digital technology is always changing, so if we deploy new tools on Our Site in the future, we'll let you know. Right here. In the Walz Tetrick privacy policy. Bookmark this page if it’s important to you.

What can you do to protect your personal information?

If you want to remove your personal information from Our Site, we’ll be sad to see you go. But let’s part as friends, shall we? Just contact us at No hard feelings. And we’ll be glad to welcome you back anytime.

And now a word about ownership, usage, copyright and terms of use.

You may have noticed that you didn’t pay anything to enter Our Site. You didn’t have to register. We required no password. You’re welcome to read, watch and listen to our content free of charge. You’re welcome. In doing so, you understand that the only authorized use of the site is to learn more about the Fanatical Evolutionaries at Walz Tetrick Advertising, the work we do for our amazing clients and the results we’ve produced on their behalf. It stops with learning. No copying, borrowing, emulating or imitating. Anything beyond learning about Walz Tetrick is strictly forbidden.

Who owns Our Site and all the work on it?

In short, it’s owned by Walz Tetrick Advertising or our magnificent clients. The case studies, anecdotes, creative samples and words of high praise are provided herein with their permission. Same goes for all the TMs, circle-Rs, circle-Cs, logos, brand names, proprietary graphics and cool ideas. Any unauthorized use by anyone else is prohibited. In fact, that may violate volumes of laws and regulations about trademarks, copyrights and privacy. Don’t make us call our lawyers.

While you’re here, you’ll take in a lot of photos, illustrations, video, music, animation, professional voice actors and the like. Rest assured we (or our clients) paid for all that stuff, or we got permission in advance. So, unless you obtain permission from us to use any of it for any reason, that’s not just uncool, it’s prohibited.

Do you have a great idea for an ad?

Here at Walz Tetrick, we treasure creativity and innovation of all kinds. But if you want to use Our Site to tell us about your great idea, we respectfully advise you to keep it to yourself. It is our policy not to consider, accept or produce any unsolicited ideas of any kind submitted through Our Site. And if you do submit an idea for an ad or marketing program or anything else related to the services we perform for our brilliant clients, you’ll give up your right to claim that as your intellectual property. You see, it’s not that uncommon for multiple people to have a similar idea. Happens more often than you might think. So please don’t send us your jaw-dropping concept and then come looking for compensation. It doesn’t work that way. But if you’d like to submit your resume for consideration as an employee, we’re happy to discuss your work history and qualifications.

Thank you.