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Valley Hope

How did we transform the valley of addiction to a promise of hope?

For the addiction recovery specialists at Valley Hope, the key to success is empathy. Regardless of where they come from, people struggling with addiction arrive at the same place, at the bottom of a deep valley with no apparent way out. Our creative marketing approach to Valley Hope’s brand reflects this valley of addiction, and the promise of compassion, self-respect and recovery.

Valley Hope’s new website serves as a vital resource for information and inspiration for those directly and indirectly affected by addiction to alcohol or drugs.



Brand strategy

Brand refresh

Creative development

Video production

Print production

Website design and development

Logo & Identity Materials

Walz Tetrick served as a logo design agency for a complete corporate identity package. A visual representation of the valley of addiction, the logo represents the many paths that lead to the bottom and the bright hope of a promising future on the other side. The theme “Hope. For life.” reminds the audience that recovery is a lifelong process, and Valley Hope is committed to remain involved in their lives even after formal treatment is complete.

Print Communications

Our creative group also designed a family of print collateral materials featuring original photography shot at Valley Hope residential and outpatient facilities. Throughout every piece we designed, the visual approach and voice demonstrate the compassion and respect that those suffering from addiction deserve.

Valley Hope paper system

Brand Essence Video

Introduction to Valley Hope and reminder to all that there will always be hope…for life.