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PKD Connect

How did we put hope within reach for people with PKD?

While the PKD Foundation’s main thrust is funding research, another important goal is supporting patients. To that end, the Foundation created PKD Connect, a community hub with the mission of providing support, connections, resources and outreach to the PKD community. Walz Tetrick brought the new brand to life with a logo, brand promise, tagline and video. We supported the launch with website copy, brochures, pop-up banners, emails, digital ads and social posts. We also created the Foundation’s annual report and capital campaign materials.

The PKD Connect launch was an overwhelming success with patients, families, physicians, volunteers and other stakeholders. PKD Connect brought together the many people impacted by this difficult diagnosis, providing a plethora of helpful resources to help them manage their disease and their personal relationships, which often suffer under the weight of this condition.

Logo + Tagline

Like the existing PKD Foundation logo, our design for PKD Connect was based on a circle, symbolizing the full circle of services and support the Foundation provides. It also depicts the interconnections that are so important. The logo has its own spirit and look but is clearly part of the Foundation family. We distilled the brand promise into a tagline: “A Community of Care.”



Brand development

Brand essence video

Website copy

Photo library

Collateral materials

Event signage

Digital communications

Brand Essence Video

In addition to the logo and tagline, we created a brand essence video, an anthem that strongly positions PKD Connect as an indispensable service for the community. The motion graphics evoke the interconnections of the logo, bringing everything full circle.


A PKD diagnosis can seem overwhelming. Patients and caregivers are filled with doubt and a feeling of isolation. With PKD Connect, hope is always within reach. The PKD Connect website is a one-stop-shop for patients and caregivers alike.

PKD Foundation 2018 Annual Report

Future Focus: Capital Campaign Brochure Package