Park University

How did we position Park U. as just right — and within reach — no matter your goals or background?

When Walz Tetrick was challenged to refresh Park University’s brand, we focused on Park’s commitment to make higher education more accessible to students of all kinds. With affordable tuition, flexible degree programs, face-to-face and online learning options at multiple campus centers across the country, Park provides a learning environment that is shaped around the needs of each student. Some may call it Park U. We call it “Park. You.”
Concept development
Art direction
Broadcast production
Media planning & buying

Print Ads

Print ads targeting high school grads, adult learners and members of the military all speak to the partnership between Park University and the students. When students bring their goals and passions to the classroom, Park promises to support their efforts and give them every chance to succeed.

Video and Radio

On broadcast radio and Pandora, we focused on some classic and unexpected pairings to convey the idea that Park and You make a great combination.


In addition to billboards that mirror the message of the print ads, we turned loose a crew of Park University Pirates to “deface” one of the designs.

Outdoor Spectacular

Park wanted to stop traffic with their most prominent billboard, so we put our outdoor spectacular skills to the test creating a giant Pirate hook to round out our “Park. You.” messaging.