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Kansas Runs on Water

How did we distill a deluge of information?

A project of multiple State of Kansas agencies, the “Kansas Runs on Water” conservation campaign was created to achieve several important goals:

 – Inspire Kansans to appreciate the importance of water

 – Educate about the vast amount of water used every day

 – Warn that our water supply is limited 

 – Personalize the issue through compelling facts and visuals

 – Drive people from thought to action

Walz Tetrick gave Kansas Runs on Water its name and developed the brand’s logo and identity. We also designed and developed the campaign’s public-centric website. The site provides agriculture, business and local communities up-to-date information on the state, importance of, and ways to continue conserving water across the state of Kansas.

Water not only runs through our rivers, streams and faucets; it also runs our ag industry, our manufacturing plants, our recreational activities, our lives. Throughout the campaign, we introduce other action words in place of “runs” to address a variety of issues and target audiences.





Brand strategy

Concept development




Website design, strategy and development


 In addition to providing information about where Kansas’ water comes from, the website features an educational section for kids with games and puzzles. News and events are posted, as well as success stories of ranchers, farmers, business owners and municipalities that have found ways to reduce their water usage. The “Get Involved” section provides numerous tips on conserving water, no matter where you live or what your interests are. Lastly, the “Be a Champion” page will allow the user to make a commitment to positive changes affecting their overall water footprint.

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