Kansas City Royals 

How do we turn fans into disciples?

What’s the difference between Royals fans and those of other teams? It’s a level of devotion that is impervious to box scores and win-loss records, burning hot whether the team is in town for a 10-game homestand or snow covers the diamond and spring training is months away. For nine seasons, we have nourished that loyalty with advertising that touches the soul of fans, and demonstrates how deeply the Royals are interwoven into their lives. 
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2020, 2019, 2016, 2015 CLIO Awards
2020, 2018, 2016 OBIE Awards
2018 Addy Award
2019, 2018, 2016 Telly Awards
2017 Media Mix Campaign of the Year 

2021 “Statcast” 

On-screen statistics commonly tell us what’s happening on the field, but our version displayed what’s happening in the stands at the same time.

2021 “Safety with Paul”

When the Royals welcomed fans back to The K for the 2021 season, we hired everyone’s favorite Royals fan to make them feel safe.

2019 “Streetcar”

Our Always Royal campaign showed how our fandom permeates every aspect of our lives, much the way the KC Streetcar winds through the city. 

2018 “Hats Off” | 50th Season

The launch of our 50th season campaign was a tribute to the generations of fans and players who have meant so much to their home town. 

2018 “Beer Man” | 50th Season

For the Royals’ 50th season, we got to know people who had been part of the organization for decades, from Hall of Fame broadcaster Denny Matthews to the guy who brough beer to generations of fans.

2017 “Gordon’s Story” 

Alex Gordon’s story is just one example of players, fans, coaches and community leaders who know what it means to be “Raised Royal.” 

2016 “T-shirts” 

Nothing brings back memories like free t-shirts collected over the years … and decades. In this spot, the shirts and the fans who wear them get gradually more “recent.”

2015 “Promise” 

To kick off the 2015 campaign, we recall the historic post-season run that made us all “Forever Royal.”