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Kansas City Royals TV

How did we turn fan passion into action?

Baseball fans don’t have to be the loudest in sports to be the most passionate. The 2019 campaign “Always Royal” was borne from the idea that even during the off-season, even when we aren’t actively watching Royals baseball, even when we’re thousands of miles away from Kansas City, our fandom permeates throughout every aspect of our lives. Kansas City fans wear their fandom on their sleeves, sometimes literally. From the tattoos we wear to the paint on our fan cave walls, we are ALWAYS Royal.

Television spots reminded us what being a Royals fan means. Commercials featured familiar landmarks and Kansas Citians in a way we had never done before. Each spot highlighted how Royals fandom bleeds blue throughout our daily lives from youth baseball practice to the job site. From these scenarios we transition into eye-catching footage of Kauffman Stadium, the home of our Kansas City Royals.



Brand strategy

Concept concepting


Art direction


Media planning and buying

“Youth Academy” :30 TV

“Dirt” :30 TV

“Streetcar” :30 TV