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Kansas City Mavericks


Concept development


Broadcast production

Art direction


How did we turn on-the-ice action into in-the-seats fun?

Kansas City is home to sports-crazed fans. But with so much hype around the Royals, Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City, not to mention the Jayhawks, Wildcats and Tigers, how do you boost ticket sales for the Kansas City Mavericks? The Mavs’ minor-league hockey action doesn’t disappoint, and the venue is terrific, with lots of promotions and amenities. But for us, it was the uniqueness of hockey and especially the hockey fan that stood out.

Hockey fans are mavericks. Mavericks are different. They challenge the status quo. They do the unexpected. To celebrate the team’s 10thanniversary season, “Be a Maverick” was a rally cry to those who may be just a little different – especially because they like hockey.

“Home Opener” :60 Radio

“Hard Core” :45 Radio

“Family” :45 Radio