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4INFO Direct Mail


How did we use mystery to reach elusive mobile advertising prospects?

4INFO is a mobile ad serving platform that had been unable to secure face-to-face meetings with influential ad agency media planners and buyers. Focus group research, supported by anecdotes from the sales force, told us that these prospects were proudly elusive. So Walz Tetrick created a multi-piece direct mail campaign that broke through the wall, ultimately resulting in a 28 percent boost in presentations to prospects.


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2015 AMBIT Award, Most Innovative Solution

2015 AMBIT Award, B2B Direct Mail

Anonymous Package

Media planners and buyers at select mid-market agencies received a FedEx box containing an anonymous package. The outside headline simply read, “You’ll want to take this call. We guarantee it.” The mystery deepened inside the envelope with a box that instructed “Open the box.”

Mysterious Smartphone

Inside the box was a fully activated smartphone with instructions to charge the phone, keep it nearby and answer when it rings. Phones were preloaded with a 4INFO-branded home screen and contact information for the 4INFO sales reps.

Cryptic Text

When the phone was turned on and home screen unlocked, a text message from a 4INFO rep guaranteed that they’ll want to take his call.


Email Follow-up

The day after package delivery, the recipient received an email formally introducing the 4INFO sales rep and reminding them to keep the phone charged and nearby for an upcoming call. The email also teased about a one-of-a-kind announcement that no other mobile provider could make.

The Case Study Package

Within 10 days of receiving the phone mailer, those prospects who had not yet scheduled a meeting received a large envelope bearing the headline, “We’ve made a case for Return on Ad Spend.” Inside was a case study showing how real advertisers are measuring mobile ad effectiveness with in-store sales lift. There was also an industry-first Return on Ad Spend Guarantee, which promised to refund a portion of mobile ad costs if a fourth quarter campaign failed to generate a 100% return on ad spend.

A New Offer Unfolds

The campaign’s final touchpoint was built around another intriguing offer. Knowing that the target audience probably had little use for the free smartphone they received, 4INFO offered to trade the phone for an iPad Mini when they met to discuss a client-specific proposal. The intriguing mailer initially showed a phone identical to the one they received, which then unfolded into a photo of an iPad Mini with the offer on the screen in the form of a text message.

34 %
Lead generation
Prospects (of 274) reached with call to mystery phone
82 %
of those reached by phone booked a meeting
Face-to-face, brand-specific sales presentations
28 %
Lead acquisition