An experienced team. Endless passion.

We’re not a specialty agency, but we have special expertise in a number of business categories. When you partner with Walz Tetrick, you’ll work with industry and agency-side veterans who are endlessly curious, passionate and tenacious about helping you reach — and exceed — your business goals.



  • Mike B.

    Kansas City Royals 
    We were fortunate to have excellent options for an advertising agency partnership. The Walz Tetrick team came to the forefront with their originality, enthusiasm and an approach that meshed well with our staff. We are excited about continuing to work together to provide fans with a connection to our players and organization.
  • Jann H.

    Walz Tetrick has been an amazing partner since Day One. We can count on them to craft thoughtful, strategic media plans that drive agreed-upon metrics. I appreciate how the team asks insightful questions and keeps our marketing goals front and center. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together.
  • Kelly C.

    University of Central Missouri
    We have worked with the team from Walz Tetrick for many years. They are enthusiastic, flexible, thoughtful and reliable. We have benefited from their knowledge, negotiating skills and problem solving. We feel they have our best interests at heart, and we are fortunate to be able to continue our productive partnership.
  • Martha S.

    We’ve worked with the media team at Walz Tetrick for over 20 years. They understand our business and the fact that even though we’re part of a larger corporate brand, they work to plan and strategize for our individual franchisee market needs. Their experience in the casual dining space is invaluable to us.
  • Doug S.

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Walz Tetrick team for more than 10 years. Their depth of knowledge, relationships with media sales teams and creative personalities all come together to create effective buys. They are thoughtful with our budget, always looking for opportunities to provide more reach at lower cost. Their work drives our business.
  • Mark W.

    We genuinely value Walz Tetrick as our media partner, both for their strategic approach and guidance and for their personal commitment and patience as we have questions or make changes. They not only help us maximize our media budget, they work with us to quantify its effectiveness. Through it all, they are truly a pleasure to work with!
  • Mary L.

    Kansas City Symphony Ball 
    I can’t say enough about the work Walz Tetrick created for our Firebird Ball. Their dedicated efforts, creativity, organization and execution were a big reason we saw increased pledges. I received notes and messages for weeks. (‘Stunning!’ ‘Out of sight.’ ‘Magnificent.’ ‘Best in our 77 years!’)
  • Tina A.

    CHI Health
    We selected Walz Tetrick after a competitive review and we have been incredibly pleased with our choice. Not only is the team great at what they do, they are also genuinely nice people and a pleasure to work with. I find their transparency and willingness to come to the table collaboratively with our team and other partners to be particularly compelling.
  • John T.

    Prairie Band Casino & Resort
    Walz Tetrick handles our media and creative needs with a strategic focus and always has our best interests in mind. We have consistent communication with our account team to ensure transparency and alignment on our goals, allowing them to act as an extension of our marketing team. They’ve helped elevate our brand and make our media buys more targeted. It’s been a pleasure working with them.
  • Kim P.

    American Royal
    Walz Tetrick has been vital to the success of the American Royal’s advertising, marketing and digital communication efforts. Their passion for who we are and what we do is reflected in every piece of work and idea they produce. They are an extension of our team, and we are incredibly fortunate to have their passion, innovation and exceptional creativity on our side. Walz Tetrick is a true friend to our community and to the American Royal.
  • Nikol T.

    Dairy Queen
    Walz Tetrick has a great deal of experience creating smart, strategic marketing plans, as well as the unique ability to easily communicate them.
    Our team and franchisees appreciate their honest, straightforward approach and passion to help them succeed.
  • Kansas Runs on Water Team

    The expertise and professionalism Walz Tetrick has shown on our project was unparalleled. Every aspect, from focus groups to the unveiling, was met head-on with a collaborative and innovative spirit. Their creativity, dedication and forward-thinking was obvious. Throughout the entire process, the entire Walz Tetrick organization was supportive and personally invested.
  • Amy M.

    Park University
    We tasked Walz Tetrick with developing a new campaign to drive new student enrollment, promote brand recognition and create a cohesive brand across multiple audiences. They worked with us to develop test concepts, put them in front of focus groups and build out the most positively received campaign. At every step of the way, they put themselves into the minds of our audiences, which are very diverse.
  • Matt A.

    Heart of America Council
    Boy Scouts 
    The team at Walz Tetrick has been instrumental in helping us tell the Scouting story in Kansas City. We are thankful to work with an agency that creatively engages the community and truly represents the brand of Scouting. The work is great. And we’re gaining a reputation for it.
  • Mark F.

    MidAmerica Nazarene University
    Walz Tetrick has successfully positioned our brand and set it apart in an extremely competitive higher education market. The creative team generates striking, carefully crafted work that commands attention. The digital media specialists test and optimize for maximum reach. The media team is able to get better placements and extra value spots. And our friendly, highly organized account executives ensure our projects are on time, on budget and achieve the results that we expect.
  • Alexandra K.

    The Salvation Army
    Walz Tetrick was instrumental in raising the profile and awareness of The Salvation Army during our critically important Red Kettle fundraiser. Thanks to the team’s hard work, buying expertise and added value, we know people saw the Red Shield more often this season. They helped us lead the country in donations via the new Kettle Pay QR code program.