Trevor Stille

Digital Director

As digital director and analytics lead for Walz Tetrick, Trevor’s vision of a connected-by-fingertips, dynamic, digital world guides the agency and its clients through the evolving landscape. His commitment to digital experiences is rooted in nearly 15 years of mastering channel strategy for mobile, app, online and conversational marketing channels, and testing and measuring disciplines in data analytics. His expertise in CRM marketing, customer journey mapping and analytics has brought his clients incredible success.

Trevor has helped brands like Uber, American Airlines, Walgreens, DoorDash and Activision/Blizzard realize scale through partnerships and activations that drive revenue growth to meet their business goals. He’s a passionate digital transformation leader with experiences on both the agency and Fortune 500 corporate brand side, where his perspectives are valued alike. Trevor continues to fuel his fire by helping his clients realize their customers’ true connected passions, and by better leveraging data, creative and measurement partnerships to improve business outcomes.