Melba Morris

Broadcast Media Director

Melba’s 45+ years of experience benefit our clients every day. While she’s known for her warm and generous spirit, she’s also a super-performer whose negotiating skills have been called “fearsome.” Melba is passionate about the business. She understands the challenges clients face and applies creative solutions. And she continues to be a major influence on the KC broadcast buying community. New buyers are still learning principals of media buying from her.

Some might suspect that Melba is at least part bionic. She has the positive relationships that keep her in the know about opportunities for our clients and the clout to stretch media dollars to unbelievable lengths. She may also be part stealth bomber, because her radar is always on. She has a knack for knowing what the competition is planning and trumping it for her own client’s sake. In fact, National Pizza Hut created the Agency Media Buyer of the Year award specifically to honor her heroic efforts. Like Madonna and Prince, the name “Melba” is a brand in itself. She’s the stuff of legends. And has the award to prove it.