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We’re veterans at fueling fandom. Game on.

From the rabid to the casual, we’ve succeeded in motivating sports fans because we are sports fans. We’ve filled entertainment venues because we’re lining up for tickets, too. But the truth is, it takes more than a passion to deliver effective sports and entertainment marketing. It takes hard-earned expertise.

Few purchase decisions are as emotionally charged as tickets to the big game, performance or attraction.

But filling those seats, getting people through the gates, is easier said than done. We’ll draw up the right plan, and execute day after day.

Every team and entertainment venue competes with dozens of other options for our discretionary dollars.

Teams can tip the scales their way with promotions and giveaways. Promoting those offers is most effective when it’s done under a solid brand umbrella. For shows, events and more, it’s all about exciting creative and strategic, targeted media.

We’re sports and entertainment marketing veterans.

Since 2012, we’ve teamed up with the Kansas City Royals producing work that has been recognized internationally by the Sports Clios and the Obie Awards, as well as millions of adoring Royals fans.

We brought the Kansas City Mavericks hockey franchise to life. We’ve inspired fans of music, comedy, rodeo, haunted houses, water parks, BBQ competition, theater and museums.

Our TV and outdoor creative exploits probably generate the most notoriety, but our strategic insights perform across all forms of media.

Our media planners and buyers get the most from the budget while ensuring our creative messaging reaches fans when and where they’re paying attention and most likely to respond.

Using advanced analytics, we develop strategic solutions to drive your sports or entertainment business. We don’t just gather data; we analyze it and make smart, data-based recommendations. Digital, social, TV, radio, outdoor billboards, signage, print and more. We do it all. And our trafficking prowess ensures the right spots and promotional tags appear at the right time, all season long. 


American Royal
Hard Rock Cafe
Prairie Band Casino

what our clients say

Walz Tetrick has been vital to the success of the American Royal’s advertising, marketing and digital communication efforts. Their passion for who we are and what we do is reflected in every piece of work and idea they produce. They are an extension of our team, and we are incredibly fortunate to have their passion, innovation and exceptional creativity on our side. Walz Tetrick is a true friend to our community and to the American Royal.

Glen Alan P.
American Royal

We were fortunate to have excellent options for an advertising agency partnership. The Walz Tetrick team came to the forefront with their originality, enthusiasm and an approach that meshed well with our staff. We are excited about continuing to work together to provide fans with a connection to our players and organization.

Mike B.
Kansas City Royals

I can’t say enough about the work Walz Tetrick created for our Firebird Ball. Their dedicated efforts, creativity, organization and execution were a big reason we saw increased pledges. I received notes and messages for weeks. (‘Stunning!’ ‘Out of sight.’ ‘Magnificent.’ ‘Best in our 77 years!’)

Mary L.
Kansas City Symphony Ball

We’d love to talk in person (preferably while enjoying a game or show).

Until then, you can see the product of our strategic thinking in our Work section.