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higher education Marketing

We earn top marks for higher education marketing.

At Walz Tetrick, we bring students and schools together. In the Kansas City area, there are no less than 43 colleges, universities and other post-secondary education options. Add online programs and trade schools, and you can see just how competitive the higher education marketplace is.

College marketing begins by knowing precisely who those potential students are.

Are they traditional high school seniors? College grads seeking an MBA? Adults going back to school to give their career a boost? Do they live in town or in neighboring states? Will they attend class during the day or at night, face to face or online? Do they have to balance work and their studies?

Every college attracts different students. And every prospect requires a different marketing approach with unique tactics.

Creating one ad and running it again and again simply won’t work. The recruitment process is lengthy with many obstacles and opportunities to lose prospects along the way. As an education marketer, you have to seize every opportunity to move those potential students through the funnel from awareness to interest to application and, ultimately, enrollment. Our team has experience doing that for students from all walks of life.

It’s important for students to find the school that’s right for them, and vice versa.

We deploy media research to determine where they’re looking and what content they’re consuming. We use social listening tools to gauge interest. We map out every touchpoint to provide the information they want based on where they are in the college selection process. And we find creative ways to catch their eye and make your school stand out from the dozens of other schools fighting for their attention.

Using advanced analytics, we develop strategic solutions to drive results.


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what our clients say

“We have worked with the team from Walz Tetrick for many years. They are enthusiastic, flexible, thoughtful and reliable. We have benefited from their knowledge, negotiating skills and problem solving. We feel they have our best interests at heart, and we are fortunate to be able to continue our productive partnership.

Kelly C.
University of Central Missouri

We tasked Walz Tetrick with developing a campaign to drive new student enrollment, promote brand recognition and create a cohesive brand across multiple audiences. They worked with us to develop test concepts, put them in front of focus groups and build out the most positively received campaign. At every step of the way, they put themselves into the minds of our audiences, which are very diverse.

Amy M.
Park University

Our goal is to facilitate a two-way conversation, so students and schools can learn enough about each other to make the best decision possible.

We’d love to have a two-way conversation with you. Take a look at our work and see why we earn top marks for our higher education marketing.